Heineken creates collabo with fashion talents


Beer maker Heineken is creating a collaboration with talented emerging designers to support Africa’s fashion.

The collaboration include fashion names as Lulu Mutili and Azra Walji, who just launched their African fashion collection at the Lagos fashion and design week this October.

Heineken’s platform is a great opportunity for young African talents to be supported by such a big brand, who has the resources and connections to make a difference, according to Mark Van Iterson, head of design at Heineken global.

“Heineken is massively invested in this exciting process of nurturing and empowering young and creative African fashion talents, while also preserving the arts and culture through fashion,” Iterson said.

“We are challenged and inspired by these trendsetters. It is a privilege to have them showcase their creativity and open their innovative designs and inspiration to the world.”

Designers, most of them chosen from a previous Heineken African-inspired fashion challenge, have had chance to showcase their designs and create a “unique hospitality” collection.

A separate theme has asked designers to create using only unique african fabrics and accessories.

The crowd was amazed by the creativeness behind the designs that resulted from both designers’ work together.

The fashion and design week gives artists opportunity to connect and sell with buyers—a great tool for sales and must-see event for anyone interested in the business.

Next, Heineken is working on what it calls an “open designs explorations” and will aim to connect creative artists with a platform that will allow them to show their talent.