I’d love to feature Rihanna, Beyonce, J.Cole – Ayra Starr


Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer Ayra Starr, has expressed her desire to collaborate with global artistes, including Rihanna, Victoria Monét, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and J.Cole.

During a recent interview with Cool FM Nigeria, the talented artiste behind “Rush” shared her admiration for these icons, expressing her eagerness to collaborate with them.

“I would love to work with Rihanna, Victoria Monét, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole,” Ayra Starr said.

She revealed that her biggest motivation is her “commitment to excellence.”

Addressing criticisms directed towards her music or persona, Ayra Starr acknowledged her awareness of social media critics.

She admitted to selectively engaging with feedback, choosing to ignore particularly negative statements while occasionally resorting to blocking individuals who cross a certain line.

Ayra Starr said, “I read stuff [social media comments], I see stuff. Sometimes if it’s very bad I just let them [critics]. I feel like I’m in my let them era.
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“But sometimes if it’s stupid, I just block.”

Recently, Ayra Starr was dragged on social media for disrespecting King of Juju music, Sunny Ade at an event.

In a trending video, Ayra Starr, who came to an event, was greeting some personalities. She came to where the 77-year-old Sunny Ade was sitting, instead of kneeling down to greet him, she simply shook hand with him while standing.

Nigerians were angry that being a Yoruba girl, she should have learnt that younger people don’t greet their elders by shaking hands with them.

She later apologized and begged King o Juju Music, Sunny Ade to forgive her.

Taking to her X handle the singer apologised profusely for disrespecting Sunny Ade.

She wrote: “I’m so sorry , I had just walked in and all the lights and nerves didn’t let me see but I came back around to greet everyone properly.

“I have never been that girl to be disrespectful, I’m a proper Yoruba girlllll and the video didn’t start until after I’d greeted Burna’s mom ! I’m very sorry to the legend, uncle and King Sunny Ade.”

Courtesy: PM News